Eliut Salon, an exclusive Upper East side salon specializing in outstanding services for a discerning clientele, offers two breakthrough services to change your look from short to long and lustrous.

The two techniques that Eliut and his team specialize in are Great Lengths Fuse Bond Extensions and Eliut�s own design of detachable extensions accentuated by unique, handcrafted accessories. Both extension services require an initial consultation with Eliut and prices are quoted upon consultation.

To grow long hair can take years, but Eliut shortens this process by offering detachable, custom colored clip on extensions that clients can wear whenever they want long luscious hair. The more permanent extensions from Great Lengths work by attaching human hair to the client's hair by a patented synthesized keratin protein composed of polymer chains that mimic the exact molecular structure of real hair.

Hair extensions have graced the red carpet. The illusion of thick tousled tresses as well as straight lengthy locks have become the staple of Hollywood Glam.

All extensions offered at Eliut Salon use 100% human hair collected from around the world. Once the client decides which technique they prefer (clip on or bonded) and which works better for their lifestyle, Eliut will order the hair texture appropriate for them. The Salon also custom colors the extensions to perfectly blend with each clients natural color.

Eliut Salon extension services cost between $750 and $4,000, depending on the amount of hair used and the desired results.

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